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Sonoran Classic Restorations is located in the prestigious Scottsdale Airpark in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. The shop specializes in body and paint for classic American and European cars, collector cars, late model exotic and luxury cars. Every project receives my personal touch using my 30 years of time tested techniques to provide you with the highest quality paint restoration.

At Sonoran Classic Restorations, the customer is always kept informed on the progress of their project, and unlike larger shops, you will work directly with me. With that in mind, I intentionally limit the number of projects I work on simultaneously, so you are always given the highest priority!

Where it Started

My name is Ed Clark and I am the Owner of Sonoran Classic Restorations.

Like many guys, my journey into Classic Cars started at a very young age. I grew up in the country near a very small town close to Jefferson City, Missouri and from my earliest memories I was always around cars. My father had his own auto body shop and we even had a small junk yard out in the field, so cars were just part of my life from day one.

I was always a curious kid and wanted to know how everything worked, so I was regularly taking apart my toys and electronics, and then I graduated to bikes, and finally found my favorite pastime was learning to rebuild cars.

Once I was in high school I began working in my father’s shop on a regular basis doing anything and everything that had to be done to restore a vehicle. It was during these years that my passion for classic cars grew and I knew that I one day wanted to own my own business restoring Vintage and Classic cars.

Ed Clark

Early Experience

After working with my father for about 10 years, I then moved to Kansas City, MO where I worked as a mobile paint and auto body technician. It was during these years that I really excelled in learning how to mix and match paints, do plastic and fiberglass repair, and performed substantial detail work where I experimented with various buffers and polishing techniques to perfect my craft.

After several years in Kansas City, I then moved to Phoenix/Scottsdale, married my wife and started my own business doing paint correction and detail wherein I contracted with various dealerships in the valley. Starting my own business only reinforced my desire to become the owner of my own auto restoration company, and after a few years, I began regularly restoring Classic Cars, while I was also doing my paint correction business.

I then decided it was time to make my dream a reality, and I converted over to doing classic car restoration on a full time basis. It’s here that I am now able to excel in my craftsmanship knowing that what I do is not just “work”, but creating “works of art”.

Little Things Matter

My work involves restoring my own cars, as well as doing the body and paint work for my customers. I take pride in my work and want to know that the product I deliver is the absolute best that it can be.

And while some people may say “Don’t’ Sweat the Small Stuff”, for me it is truly “The Little Things That Matter” and what sets my work apart. I strive to provide an exceptional product that someone will be proud to own for years to come.

For me, it is by no means just a hobby, but a career I am passionate about and deeply committed to fulfilling.

I plan to continue delivering outstanding paint and body work on Classics and Late Models, Customs, and Vintage automobiles and motorcycles for many years to come; and there is nothing better than starting each day with excitement and enthusiasm because I am truly living out my lifelong dream!

And on a final note…you’ll find I am a very down-to-earth guy who is extremely content running my business. When I am not busy at work, I enjoy attending car shows, studying and reading, spending time with my wife, friends, and pets, and serving in my local church.

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests!


Ed Clark, Owner
Sonoran Classic Restorations

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